“The way to sustainability”

This is a time where we hear a lot about “being sustainable” or “environmental friendly”, but let’s face it, being a sustainable business is challenging.

We at Café G are taking every step possible to ensure that we can offer convenience and good quality product and service to our costumers, always considering our responsibility to the environment.

We are aware that the road is long but we are working constantly in new ways to take next step towards becoming more sustainable. The changes to make are still many, but this is what we are committed to do now:

“The Café G Promise”

We provide alternative non-dairy milk options such as: Oat, Almond, Soya and Coconut.

We have a fresh still water station, to encourage our costumer to use refillable bottles, but if you have to purchase water, we sell it in a can or glass bottle.

All our Take Away Food come in paper bag and paper packaging, along with wooden cutlery. We use paper straws for our cold drinks.

“Our Coffee”

Café G proudly serves Organic Carraro Coffee, an Italian coffee company established in 1896 who believes coffee is both tradition and innovation.

The company has been on a quest for quality since 1927.

The Carraro family believes that every steps of production is essential to create the perfect flavor. They believe caring for the environment and the land of their plantation is essential to ensure higher standard of flavor in their coffee beans.

Café G serves Carraro’s special Organic coffee blend of Arabica beans, carefully cultivated in Organic farm to sustain and preserve the natural environment.

“Our Promise in the Kitchen and Bar”

All our meats and poultry come from British Farms carefully chosen and selected to deliver high quality standard. Our meats and poultry are certified and labelled under “Red Tractor”, which encompasses assurance standards of food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection and traceability.

Our fresh eggs come from Fenton Farm Eggs and are laid by hen in the traditional free range flocks where they have access throughout the day to green pasture where they roam freely.

We sell locally brewed cold drinks Momo Kombucha is a London brewed kombucha drink, at Momo Kombucha they still ferment ether drinks in small 8l amber glass jar, to ensure best quality product, and use all finest organic ingredients.

“Café G future”

At Café g we are proud of what we have achieved so far, since taking over the business in 2020, and we continue to work towards our goal to make a more sustainable business, balancing convenience and quality for our costumers.